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We are pleased to offer for your consideration the following accumulator: Ref. No. M621


Hand of Operation:                             Right to Left

Materials:                                            Low Carbon Steel

Strip Width Range:                             40 mm (1.57”) to 305 mm (12”)

Strip Thickness:                                   .625 mm – 3.6 mm (.025” - .140”)

Strip Feed-In Speed:                           Maximum – 200 MPM (650 FPM)

Coil Storage Area:                              1.7 m2 (500 m to 1000 m)

Accumulator External Diameter:        4500 mm (14.75’)

Accumulator Internal Diameter:         1530 mm (5’)

Structure:                                             Pneumatic Actuated Pinch Feed In, Carousal Turntable Rotation Looping, Inner Loop Entry & Outer Loop Exit


Control:                                               AC Drive Control w/ Inverters, Measurement and Warning for Strip End, or Strip Filled

Motors:                                                ABB or Siemens AC Motors w/ Inverters

Power:                                                 Pinch Roll Motor:  18.5 KW A.C.
                                                            Main Motor:  22 KW A.C.



The function of the spiral strip accumulator is based on the difference of length of an equal
number of strip windings, at different coiling diameters.

The technical features of the accumulator can be utilized only, if coils with sufficient strip length can be provided, and if butt-welding can be performed within reasonable short time.

The Strip Accumulator mainly consists of the following machine units:

1.   The Entry Strip Guide Unit
2.   The Entry Pinch Roll Unit
3.   The Carousal Turn-table Type Looping Unit (Main Body)
4.   The Exit Strip Deflection Unit
5.   The Electrical Control

1.   Entry Strip Guide Unit

The entry strip guide unit serves to keep the strip in horizontal position when coming from the decoiling station, and to guide it properly. Only after passing the strip guide the strip is
twisted into vertical position until it reaches the entry pinch roll unit.

The strip guide consists of a fabricated frame carrying the vertical and horizontal guiding rolls. The vertical guiding rolls are manually adjustable according to the strip width.

The rolls are made of wear resistant alloyed steel and heat treated.

2.    Entry Pinch Roll Unit

       The entry pinch roll unit serves to pull the strip off the decoiler and to feed it into the spiral looper.

       The pinch roll consists of a housing made of fabricated steel. There are 2 vertical feeding rolls provided, one is fix mounted and one is horizontally swivelled by a hydraulic cylinder. Both the feeding rolls are jointly powered by AC-Motor via reducer/distributor gear and universal joint propeller shafts.

      The drive motor is controlled by frequency inverter with vector control function.
The feeding rolls are made of wear resistant alloy steel and heat treated at the entry and exit side of the pinch roll unit there are horizontal and vertical strip guiding rolls provided.

The drive of the entry pinch roll unit is synchronized with the drive of the supporting rolls of the spiral looper. During automatic operation the hydraulic cylinder presses the swiveled roll against the fix mounted roll. When the drive is stopped, a pneumatically actuated disc brake, attached to the drive, serves to prevent the strip from moving.
In manual operation the roll can be lifted in order to move the strip manually or to insert a new leading strip end.

3.    Carousel Turn Table Type Looping Unit (Main Body)

       The carousal turn table type looping unit serves to store sufficient strip for continuous operation of the tube mill when joining 2 coils in the shear & welder.

       When the looping unit is full, all strip windings are laying as a compact ring adjacent, but with certain gap to the outer roller cage. When the looper is empty, the same number of windings are laying as a compact ring adjacent to the inner roller cage. The difference of winding lengths between the outer ring and the inner ring is the storing capacity.

       The looping unit is filled by synchronized operation of the entry pinch roll unit and the supporting rolls. Strip, leaving the looper is guided through a cage of inclined rollers, located on the center of the looper. The strip is pulled in inclined direction by the tube mill and is guided over deflection rolls in order to bring it down to the entrance level of the tube mill.

       The looping unit is made of fabricated steel. There are supporting rollers adjacent to the outer roller cage powered by one AC-geared motor via elastic couplings and controlled jointly by frequency inverters with U/f-control function. The rolls are of cylindrical shape.

       The stored steel coils rest on edge with an inner and outer accumulation ring.  The carousel moves and rotates and helps form the loop when accumulating and paying out to the mill.  The carousel also utilizes a magnetic bobbin, which allows for the accumulator to accommodate light gauge material.  Also, the carousel helps to eliminate strip edge wear and is much better for light gauge than the roller only type horizontal accumulators.

4.   Exit Strip Deflection Unit

      The exit strip deflection unit serves to guide the strip, which is leaving the looper in an inclined direction, down to the entrance level of the tube mill.

      It is made of fabricated steel and carries a number of idle running deflection rolls.

      The rolls are made of alloy steel and heat treated.

5.   Electric Controls: 480 V, 3 Phases, 60 Hz, Control Voltage: 120 V


Condition:  As is.