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We are pleased to offer for your consideration the following banding line: Ref. No. 6023



Serial Number: 833J6 6302
Capacity:  6,000 Lbs. x 62” O.D.


Loopco Downlayer:
      Capacity – 6,000 Lbs.
      Hydraulic Actuated Horn
      Side Discharge Conveyor
      Gravity Feed

Gravity Feed Conveyor:
      74” W x 15’L
      Manual Operated Stop

Signode Banding Head & Table:
      Model Number – M 20 SV
      5/8” with Strapping Capacity
      6,000 Lbs. Capacity Rotating Table – 2 Cone Type
      Air Cylinder Actuated Lift
      Powered Side Discharge Exit Conveyor

Signode Banding Head & Table (Cont.):
      49-1/2” Roll Face
      66” O.D. Coils
      Table Size – 70-1/2” x 66”
      Driven Rolls

Exit 30o Curve Section:
      Note:  This section does not have to be used if one wants to have a straight exit.

Exit Gravity Conveyor:
      15’ L x 74” W with Slot for Coil I.D. Lifter

Electrics:           460/3/60

Condition:  Very Good