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5" x .250" ALPHA S2-150-24 FLYING CUT-OFF PRESS

We are pleased to offer for your consideration the following cut-off press: Ref. No. 5921


Model No.:                              S2-150-24-24
Hand of Operation:                 Either Hand
Capacity:                                 150 Tons

Speed:                                     300 FPM (Rails can be extended for higher speed)

Strokes per Minute:                 30
Stroke:                                     7” (approximately)

Pass Line Height:                    60”

20 H.P. Reliance A.C. Main Motor; 1760 RPM; 220/440 Volt, 60 Hz
Belt Drive to Flywheel
Air Clutch
Press can be inclined to 45o
Auto Adjustment by A.C. Motor and Reducer

Also included: (3) Die Sets
                        Cut-Off Blades
                        Electrical Controls
                        Pneumatic Die Accelerator
                        Tooled for C Channels and Squares

Condition:  As is.