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We are pleased to offer for your consideration the following API pipe mill and finishing floor:  Ref. No. 6431


Hand of Operation:                             Right to Left
Year of Manufacture:                         2007
Materials:                                            Pre-Slit HR or CR Steel,
Steel Grade:                                        J55, Max. X-70
Coil OD:                                             1500 mm to 1800 mm
Coil ID:                                               610 mm / 760 mm
Strip Width:                                        340 mm to 700 mm
Coil Weight:                                        Max. 15 Metric Tons
Products:                                             API 5L, 5 CT
Pipe OD Range:                                  114 mm to 219 mm
Pipe Wall Thickness:                           Min. 5 mm,
                                                            Max. 10 mm for X-70, 11 mm for J 55
                                                           Note: Max. pipe wall might increase up to 12 mm with  much lower grade steel
Pipe Cut Length:                                 6 M to 12 M
Pipe Cut Tolerance:                             0 mm to 6 mm

Mill Speed:                                          10 MPM to 50 MPM

Electrical Power:                                 Supply:  380 Volt, 3 Phase, 50 Hz; Control:  220 Volt



Pit Type Coil Car:
-     Hydraulic Lift Up & Down, Motor Powered Travers, Load Capacity: 15 MT

Double Stub Type Uncoiler:

  1. AC Motor Driven with Clutch, Load Capacity: 15 MT. Threading Speed; 6 MPM

Hold Down/Peeler/Leveler

  1. Hydraulic Hold-Down Arm with AC Driven Pressing Rolls
  2. Hydraulic Driven Peeler Table
  3. 2-Roll  Driven Pinch Roll, Bottom Roll AC Driven, Hydraulic Top Roll Lift Up
  4. 2 Over 3 Driven Leveler, Bottom Rolls AC Driven, Hydraulic Top  Rolls Lift Up
  5. Threading Speed: 6 MPM

Coil Joint Section

  1. Hydraulic Shear & Clamp
  2. Manual Strip Centering
  3. Manual CO2 Strip Joint Weld

Horizontal Strip Accumulator

  1. Fixed Loops Type
  2. Storage Capacity: Max. 700 M
  3. Strip Feed-In Speed: Max. 100 MPM

Semi F. F. Type Forming
5 x 2-Roll Stand Type Individually DC Driven Breakdowns

  1. Shaft Size for Breakdowns: 200 mm
  2. Drive Motors: 5 x 45 KW DC
  3. AC Powered Upper Shaft Moving Up & Down

6 x C-Type Cage Idle Side Roll Stands

  1. Shaft Size for Idle Side Roll Stands: 60 mm

3 x 2-Roll Stand Type Individually DC Motor Driven Fin Passes

  1. Shaft Size for Fin Stands: 200 mm
  2. Driven Motors: 3 x 90 KW DC
  3. AC Powered Upper Shaft Moving Up & Down

2-Roll Seam Guide Stand
800 KW Thermatool Solid State HF Welder
5-Roll Weld Roll Box
OD Scarfing Unit
ID Scarfing Unit
Ironing Stand
2 x 600 Kw Seam Annealers

50/60 M Air Cooling Roller Conveyor
10 M Shower Type Water Cooling Trough

4 x 4-Roll Type Individually Driven Sizing Passes

  1. Shaft Size for Sizing Stands: 200 mm
  2. Drive Motors: 4 x 90 KW DC
  3. AC Powered Upper Shaft Moving Up & Down

Milling Type Flying Cut-Off with no or minimum burr at tube end
Cutting Type: Orbital Milling with 2 Knives
Computerized Length Control
Rack & Pinion Carriage Traverse

Driven Roller Run-Out Conveyor with Transport Table to Pipe Finishing Floor

Not Inventoried


1 x Pipe End Facing/Beveling Machine

  1. Dual Heads, Processing One (1) At A time
  2. Walking Beam Pipe Transport
  3. Servo Motor Driven Knife Feed In
  4. VFD AC Motor Drive for Cutting

2 x Pipe Hydrotesters

  1. Each Hydr0tester Process One (1) Pipe At a Time
  2. Max. Test Pressure: 36 MPa (5,000 PSI)

Other Miscellaneous Equipment
Transit Roller Conveyors in Between Equipment
1 x 6-Roll Pipe Straightener (Off Line)
1 x Coating Line

Condition:  As is.