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NEW FMS 6,000 LBS. DOUBLE ARM UNCOILER (MODEL NUMBER - UCD-3-250) (Hydraulic Mandrel Expansion, Manual Base Rotation)

We are pleased to offer for your consideration the following uncoiler:  Ref. No.  M1024


Maximum Load Capacity: 6,000 Lbs. on Each Side
Coil I.D.: 20” (508 mm)
I.D. Expansion Range:  18” to 22”
Coil O.D.:  Maximum – 72” (1830 mm)
Maximum Strip Width: 10” (250 mm)
Fill Speed of Uncoiler/Accumulator: 600 FPM Maximum
Mandrel Face: 13” (330 mm)
Mandrel Materials:  S45C
Mandrel O.D.:  3.93” (100 mm)
Air Pneumatic Power Specifications: Maximum – 100 PSI
Voltage:  460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz
Control Voltage:  110 Volt, AC/24 V DC


4-Leaf Mandrel
Link Type Hydraulic Mandrel Expansion
Manual Strip Feed Up                   
Heavy Duty 2-Stage Air Brake for Drag and Brake

  1. Manual Total Brake Release Valve for Easy Strip Threading

Foot Pedal Release Manual Base Rotation with Pneumatic Position Stop Mechanism
Wrench Free Clamp Down Coil Keepers
Full Back Plates with Peek Holes
NEMA 12/IP 55Compliance Operator Console, Control Box, and Wired Remote Pendent
User Friendly and Easy to Operate